Sunday, September 17

Not Stitching...

I don't have any stitching to post today...well I do but they are blocks that I'm making for my "Gathering" get together next Easter.
I think we are supposed to keep them secrect, so no one guesses who 's getting what...
I thought I would just ask you folk out you get into a big mess when your CQing...I sure do!.
My biggest mess is where I sit to stitch...who would think doing Cq could be so messy!.
I need beads, threads, ribbons, beading threads, motifs, lace, charms, my books for ideas, that get looked at from time to time...Etc and so on all by my side in the family room so I can watch TV while I stitch.
I try to use up bits of loose threads, but there's never enough left so out comes some new thread, and then there's more left over!
Then it's in and out of the sewing room to drag out more stuff that I remembered I had and would look nice on this or that block...Dh rolls his eyes and says "Haven't you got enough stuff there".
But it's all in the name of fun and Cqing!
Here is a link that a Cq friend Maria posted to our group, it's called FlyLady it's a bit of fun and she will help you get organized and decluttered if you need it...
Also check out Maria's blog, Maria does beautiful textile art work.
It's a lovely spring morning, so I think I will get out in the garden for a while..


  1. I was thinking the same things on friday when I was embellishing my new three hearts. Why is it always such a mess around me. Even my DD commented that. Do you need all that stuff. Laces, beads, thread, name it. I have bought a big plastic box which I keep all my CQ stuff, but when you always need whats in the bottom of it LOL. I always sit and embellish in the livingroom in front of the tv. But the fact is that the sewingroom alse becomes a mess too. I am in and out in the sewingroom looking for the things that is not in my CQbox. And to I have time to tidy to sew before my ideas fly away

  2. Hi, me again LOL
    You are talking about beading thread. What sort of thread is that?????

  3. I had to laugh out loud while reading this post. I think you must have been hiding in the corner and watching me!

  4. I have the same problem. I bought a three drawer unit to keep my embellishment stash in close to my chair. The problem is top of the unit, the magazine stand, the arms of my chair always have bits of thread, beads, needles and other tools strewn over them. I just hate to put the things I use most often away when I'm not using them.


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