Friday, September 15

New Hearts....

Three new hearts have arrived...

This lovely heart is from Maureen B,
So delicate cream on cream....the heart is divided into sections with satin ribbon and then embellished with flowers done in so perfect and neat tiny stitches worked in silky threads.
Thank you Maureen..

This second heart came from Lorenza in Italy.
I think it's very elegant...the red spider web roses are stunning in the centre piece of music fabric.
The seam treatments compliment the heart perfectly.
Thank you Lorenza, I hope we can swap again soon.

This heart came Susan in the states.
Susan has done beautiful seam treatments around a mother and child print.
Very pretty and makes a beautiful addition to my heart collection.
Thank you Susan..


  1. Beutiful hearts. I got a piece of that fabric from Susan which I am going to make hearts from now. This weekend I will try to make several hearts. My boyfriend is not visiting me this weekend and I will SEW!!!!!!! LOL But I will of course miss him.

  2. Everything on your site is beautiful. I love reading about all the things you have made.
    Thanks a ton for giving us the tip about scanning your work instead of using a does come out so much better.


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