Wednesday, September 13

My DYB..RR Blocks are Home..

Six of my DYB..RR blocks are home!!
They are so beautiful..
The girls that worked on these blocks for me are ladies that I taught SRE too

Golda's crinoline lady for me
lots of beading...the water coming out of the can is beaded, the Jacarandah tree is also beaded, and I just have to tell you what Golda wrote in the booklet.

"Have a gander at the Jacarandah,
I had so much fun
Embroidering your block,
sitting in the sun.
While the clock went Tic-Toc,
Between the girls there is such a bond,
And of you all , I have grown so fond"

This block is by Margaret..
Margaret also has done lots of beading and beautiful work.
Margaret chose blue for the cinoline lady's frock, and pretty hollyhocks and daisy flowers growing along a cobble stone path..

This one is by Janet..
Dear Janet has a bad time with arthritis in her right hand, but look at the gorgeous work she has done .
Janet has needle laced the parasol and the petticoat.
A satin stitched bow on the dress, and the pretty flowers in the garden..
Janet wrote;
My Mentor...Julie, (she calls me Julie)
Passion = is her art
Beautiful = sharing with others
Confident = for others to succeed
Mysterious= still to come
Love = is to know her
Hope = to continue
Enjoyment = doing it
Friendship = Sharing

I'm almost in tears writing this up, they are the most lovely ladies you could ever meet, and I was blessed the day they walked into my class three years ago

Pam did this lovely block..
I was always telling her, "little stitches Pam"
I am so proud of the work she is doing now.
Pam, every week rolls up with a joke or two to tell and get us all in a happy mood, and I can tell you, some days , not much stitching gets done...Today was one of those days!

This beautiful crinoline lady is by Melanie..
Mel does the most gorgeous work...All types of embroidery! Mel's stump work is amazing!
The dress on this crinoline lady is full of silk ribbons.
The basket is all done in rows of chain stitch to look like weaving. Mel wrote:

In keeping with tradition
I stitched this just for you,
with Hollyhocks and foxgloves
and for-get -nots too.

In keeping with tradition
your lady's bonnet has a bow
she holds a single blossom
and her skirts with roses flow.

In keeping with tradition
The stitches all are true,
But I stitched them with silk ribbons
and beading just for you..


  1. Julia
    The blocks are absolutely drop dead gorgeous!
    Now...what days/nights will you be absent from home,so I can come "liberate" them?

  2. WOW...WOW and WOW again. These blocks are just sooooo wonderful. It looks like the ladies who made these have put their soul and heart into the blocks. That shows on the words they have written about the bloks. You are a lucky lady having these treasures.

  3. I just can't get over all the fabulous stuff that is around on my favourite blogs. There are so many creative people out there who I would love to meet in person, just to admire their work close-up! And I get such a kick to know there are so many who share my passion for crinoline ladies! Julia, you are indeed lucky to own these beautiful works.

  4. Julia

    What absolutely stunning work from all the ladies and they wrote such lovely things about and for you too. I am in awe of their wonderful work.


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