Wednesday, September 27

Me being Blogged!...

This is an unusual blog post today, because another blogger is blogging me!!
I joined a Toplist to promote this blog, and the lady who owns that blog mentions all new blogs on her blogs.
Linda Walsh- is passionate about dolls and craft blogs, and does a lot to promote them, so please go over and check out what she had to say about me and check out her blogs too.
Wonderful write up ....I could not have written it up better myself!
Thank you Linda..


  1. Congratulations. Thats nice. But you DO have a very nice blog so it deserves being on this list.
    Have to visit her top ten again to see if there comes more nice blogs to visit.

  2. Julia, thank-you so much for posting this link. I really appreciate it.

    I have to agree with May you do have a wonderful, wonderful blog.

    Happy blogging.



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