Monday, September 11

Market Buys...old doilies..

Blogger is working today!
I tried uploading this pics yesterday but blogger would not play the game.. I ended up having to upload yesterday's pics through Picasa, anyway these are the doilies I bought at the Sunday markets in Pinjarra, which is about a 40 minute drive from me.
I had not been there before, and as it was a little on the wet side weather wise, there were not too many stall holders there.
How ever I did pick up the braids and these old doilies from a dear lady who went to so much trouble of packaging them all in individual bags and marked them with an S if there was a stain, or a T if torn etc...

The crochet old doily above is handmade, a lovely piece but unfortunately it is damaged, but for only 15 cents, I could not pass it by.

These two together on the right are also hand worked, and a little soiled but the marks may come out if I soak them, if not I will use them in my Cq's..
They were only 20 cents each, so a good buy anyway..

This beautiful doily is so fine and in perfect condition.
I don't know if it is hand worked, but it would have taken good hands and better than perfect eyesight to work this piece.
It's a lot like bobbin lace, but I'm not sure.
Just 40 cents is all I paid for this piece...
I most definitely will go and visit this stall holder again..


  1. What lovely pieces, Julia. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Just wanted to share my blogger experience. I cannot upload when I use Internet Explorer. So I tried Firefox and it works. When I am having a problem with that I use Netscape. Have you tried changing browsers? I know how frustrating it can be.


  3. What great finds you did the last days, enjoy them. I found some doilies when I was in France but payed a lot more.....


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