Thursday, September 7

I Got Mail! .....Hearts

What a great mail day I had was almost like winning lotto!
Look at these three beautiful hearts that came from around the world...
This first heart is from Alison in Queensland Australia..I'm getting quite fond of the oriental type of blocks in quilting,.
A few of my sane quilting friends are working on oriental quilts and the more I see of them the more I'm getting to like them.
Thank you Alison..

This next heart is from Beverly Anne in the states.

I love the little brown bird and the colouring in this heart is in lovely soft pastels.
Bev has added a little cluster of buttons which seem to suit this heart very well, the chosen colours of buttons are perfect and compliment the colours of the fabric..
Thank you Beverly Anne..

This cute little heart is from Ati in Norway..

A Betty Boop print on a red and white heart.
This heart is so cute and different to all of the other hearts in my collection of hearts from my Chain of Hearts group ladies.

Ati has sewn on a funky fibre around the little print which adds to it's appeal...I just love it.
Thank you Ati..

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  1. They are all fabulous! I love getting these hearts. I have a red BB one, too. I liked this one that you got a lot. I thought the fiber add-on was perfect with the BB in the center.


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