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Glasses Case.....Attaching Frame

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I’ve been asked how I attach the frames to my purses..
I like to pick up vintage purses with frames from garage sales or Sunday markets when I can.
You can sometimes find very unusual frames on old purses and it’s a bonus if they are selling very cheaply, for just a few dollars.
Not all frames are the same size or shape, so I have worked out how to make up my own pattern for them
Open the frame and lay it right side up onto a piece of paper.

Draw around the inside of the frame, extend the line out at each side so that the pattern measures 5 inches across…You should measure your glasses to make sure they will fit inside this measurement. This also allows for ¼ inch seams.

Now draw another line ½ inch above the frame outline to allow for the bit that goes onto the frame and a ¼ inch seam allowance…
I then measured down 6 ½ inches down at the sides for the length of the case…again make sure your glasses with fit, you may want to make it longer.

Cut a front and back, using this shape transferred onto fabric.
Cut two pieces of pellon for front and back.
Cut two lining pieces also from this shape.
Baste the pellon onto the back of the two fabric pieces;
Embellish the front as you wish.

Purse Assembly:
Pin front to back, right sides together.
Stitch the two pieces together all the way around with a ¼ inch seam starting and finishing at dots at either sides of the pattern.
Stitch together lining pieces, with a ¼ inch seam starting and finishing at dots, but leaving 2 inches open at bottom of lining to turn through later.

Now with purse right side out and lining wrong side out.
Place lining over the purse, so that the rights sides of lining and purse are together, stitch around the top from the dots on pattern, where the frame will be attached.
Clip back curved seam carefully.
Turn the lot through to the right side, check that the lining is fitting nicely.
sometimes you may need to take a tiny bit more on the seam.
Stitch closed the lining opening
Finger press or carefully iron press the top of purse.. Posted by Picasa

Attach Frame:
I like to place the purse on the outside of the frame as sometimes the fabric is too thick and the frame won’t close properly with all the bulk on the inside.
Depends on the frame you use..

Fold and mark the centre of purse top and line that up with the frame centre.
Starting from the centre out, backstitch in position using two strands of matching thread or better still, if you have any, a strong thread like matching beading thread.
I like to finish the purse off by stitching beads over the purse frame covering the stitches.
If your frame needs a chain, just attach chain to clasp with jump rings.
I hope I made this easy to read and understand.


  1. Hi Julia, I love your purses, they are so nice done. I hardly can believe that you made the black one in one day ! Beautiful.

  2. Hi Julia,
    Thanks so much for putting this up. I have done one as a practice piece, but it came with a pattern. I bought another clasp that did not come with a pattern and have been wondering how to come up with one. Now I know..grin

  3. Thank you for the tutorial. With such clear instructions and pictures, I think I can actually put one of these together -- laugh!

  4. Julia, thank you so much! I had no idea to how to do this so now I'll have to pick up a few frames and give this a try.

    Do you sell your bags? I'm a fancy handbag girl and I just love yours. The black velvet purse is so beautiful! I love your ribbon work.

  5. Thank you ladies for your kind comments..
    Pam, I am going to put the glasses case and black purse for sale on my Etsy shop..
    I have got a cream purse on there now for sale..

  6. What a great explanation. Thanks! I love your blog!

  7. Brilliant, now I cannot say no to making one!!! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge Julia ... much hugs to you

  8. Hi!...I am so happy with your explaination!..I was just looking for that! It was if you could read my mind...*s*


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