Wednesday, September 13

Gathering Block...

I've finally started embellishing the gathering blocks...
I looked at this particular block and a thought..."Yes, I know who will get this one"....and that was all I needed to inspire me as to what I would do on this block.
I've said it so many times before, but black is so lovely to work on.
Especially with a bit of velvet and gold sparkle on it.
The gold braid I used here looks a bit dull, but it is a lovely old vintage gold colour and adds a bit of old world charm to the block...It is the third one down in my market buys from last Sunday.
With the pansy print in the centre, I thought I would make this block all up in Pansies, and stick to the colours of the print.
Still quite a bit more to do on this block, but I hope to have it done today.
Gotta go..meeting my embroidery friends today..

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  1. What a gorgeous block!!!! I've finished one of my blocks too Julia, it's nice to feel I am getting somewhere - only 12 to go! LOL ONLY!!!!!!!!!! Love black with the pansies, just so pretty. This block reminds me of your pansy block you did some time ago.


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