Saturday, September 30

Ganutell, Flower Making..and Maltese Lace..

Have you ever heard of "Ganutell"...
My is never too old to learn something new!
The first heard of it was on SharonB's blog yesterday.
I was born in Malta, and would you believe I had never heard of it before, I must add that I have been out here in Australia for nearly 54 years, but I should have really known....I do know that they make beautiful bobbin lace in Malta.
'Ganutell' , which apparently is a fairly old art and which originated in Malta.
More info can be found at Beadsky and as Sharon pointed out, the history about Ganutell can be found here....Very interesting!

Above is a piece of very old Maltese lace that my friend Vivienne of Heavenly Embellishments sent in a package of Vintage and antique laces and threads ,that I bought from her - nothing less than 50 years old called "Classic Collection Bag"
Dh and I went back to visit relatives in Malta back in 1974, and on a little island called Gozo, just off the mainland, but which is still a part of Malta, I saw this beautiful lace being made there. ...and I did not buy any!
Lacemaking in Malta and neighboring Gozo trace their origins back to the 16th century.
You can read a little about it's history here .. and also see just about an identical piece of lace that I have on that site too.
My mother never sewed and my Grandmothers both passed away when I was little , so I never got to learn the beautiful crafts of Malta
I'm off to read some more about Malta and it's lace...


  1. What a lovely piece - what are your plans for it? Charlene

  2. Charlene,
    I think I will keep this piece.
    It's the only piece I have from my old country...


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