Friday, September 8

Easter Gathering Blocks.....started

At last, I've started making my gathering blocks for the Easter get together..
You can read all about it on Sandie's blog here .
There are no names on the blocks yet..I have only just numbered them.

The blocks are made with each particular girl in mind, but when they are all made up I will look at each block again and try to embellish the block for that person..

I have made up five blocks so far, and here are just two of them.

Isn't this a lovely print of a beautiful young girl..

Gotta go and make up some should see the mess in the sewing room!..


  1. Are you creating mess in your sewingroom LOL
    Lovely blocks. I continued embellishing my angelblock yesterday. Suddenly I knew what I had to do. Will show it on my blog when I come home later today...or tomorrow (my boyfriend is also comming today LOL)

  2. Stunning Julia. Can't wait to see them in the "flesh".

  3. I can imagine the mess. =) I like both the blocks you showed, but particularly the picture of the young girl is wonderful. I can't wait to see what embellishments you use here.


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