Thursday, September 21

Easter Gathering Blocks ....progress

Things are coming along very nicely on the gathering blocks for next Easter...
I have finished embellishing four of them, and I am now working on the block # 5.
Here are two of the blocks...I think it's ok to post them one knows who getting what.
Perhaps you might get a bit of fun out of guessing which one is going to whom...I'm not telling if anyone's right or wrong!
At this stage the blocks are just numbered, and I'm not doing them in any order...
This one is # 3.
Pieced in mauves, sage green and purples.
I love this pansy print and I have used it a lot in my CQ's.
This block is embellished with a lace bow and a basket motif filled with SRE flowers.
The silver flowers near the print are made out of sequins, ands I think they look very pretty on the mauve piece..

This is block # 2..
I think this block looks very Victorian, with the crinoline ladies and the cameo.
I have embellished the block with spider web roses, beaded the lace motifs and worked in the little fan in thread work.
Dh drilled tiny holes in the cameo so I could sew it on rather than glue it, then I beaded around the cameo with tiny pearl and amethyst beads
I have done a group foxgloves in the bottom right corner near my name....

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  1. Julia, did you do the sequin flowers like the ones I posted on my blog, or do you have a different way you could share with the world! I love the dimension they give to a block.


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