Tuesday, September 26

Dear Jane...

Well I have gone and done it!
Call me crazy, but I have just ordered the Dear Jane quilt book.
As if I don't have enough to do already!....but there's just something about this quilt that I feel compelled to do it.
All this past week all I could do every time that I came on the computer, was to look at the Dear Janics sites.
Just reading about Jane Stickle's life is fascinating, and I want to read more about her and her quilts.
My only problem is that, when I start to do something like this ...it takes over my life...I can't stop until I finish it.
I realize that this quilt will be something that just cannot be done in a week or maybe even in a year, so I will have to pace myself with it, and enjoy it as it grows...Block by block.
The civil war fabrics that I have collected, will be perfect for this.
I would love to hear from anyone who has made the quilt or even started one...


  1. You did a great buy. I have had this book some years now. And have made several blocks from it. It is a very beautiful quilt. But I started to do in in the wrong colours, so I will never finish the blocks I started. But I intend to do it again in perfect colours. Collect repro fabric for this now. Remember to write down your progress in a book. Fun to see how many pieces the quilt have when it is finished. Wonder where my log is??

  2. I started the Dear Jane quilt in 1997, and finished it in 2003 (not working on it continuously. You can see it here: http://community.webshots.com/user/patches81

    It is made in all Civil War repros. There is a Dear Jane website and list where you can get helpful hints about making the blocks and triangles.

  3. Thank you May Britt and Karrin.
    Gosh 5 years is a long time Karrin...but it was wll worth it.
    It's so beautiful!.

  4. I started a Dear Jane quilt about 5 years ago, have about 120 blocks finished. The book was very popular here in Holland and Brenda Papadakis gave a lecture to us in
    Amsterdam. These little blocks are very addictive. I am also working on a Quilted Diamonds quilt from the book from Linda Franz.

  5. Wilma.
    You are half way to making the Dear Jane quilt...I also love the Quilted Diamonds quilt from the book from Linda Franz....maybe one day I will do that too...


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