Saturday, September 9

Black Velvet Purse...

I had great enjoyment yesterday making up this little black velvet purse..
I had this lovely sparkling black velvet fabric in my stash.
That's the beauty of having a nice stash, you can just pull fabric out and make something as the mood takes you.
The purse is embellished with SRE, lined with a rich plum satin...(which reminds me I need to buy some black satin).
I added the fringe and the clasp/chain and it was done.... The purse can easily be made in a day.
The clasp takes the longest time to do, but it's so nice and satisfying to have made something so pretty..


  1. This purse is absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes CQ takes a long time and it's great to occasionally switch to a project you can actually finish in a day. Especially one this beautiful. What is the trim around the bottom edge? It looks like uncut fringe(?)

  2. This is just beautiful. I can guarantee it would take me more than a day. LOL!

  3. Julia, I wish I lived close enough to admire this more closely. It's just gorgeous and so 'me' ... LOL Would love to study closer all the finer details ....


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