Monday, September 18

Bags ...

I had a wonderful burst of inspiration over the weekend and made up these two bags..
It was so nice to break out and do something a little different.
I think I mentioned some time back in March that my DS #2 had ten pair of jeans that he wanted the legs cut off to make them into shorts...I did that and then I had all these legs!
I gave some away and with one pair of legs I made up a hexagon bag last March...which I love and use very often.
Then this weekend I thought Cq would look nice made up with the denim..this is what I came up with.
Denim and purple shot looks so much better in real life.
Because of the thickness of the denim, I machined stitched the seam treatments, and added the hand dyed laces which I have beaded. the bag is fully lined with the same purple taffeta, and it is really quite stunning and a very generous size..

This smaller tote bag is made up in a rose tapestry fabric, with a luscious chocolate coloured Taffeta is also fully lined with the same taffeta.
I had this lovely two tone funky braid which matched perfectly with the tapestry.
I love them both, but I have soooo many bags, I think I might put these up for sale in my Etsy shop, then I can make some more..


  1. Julia they're both great bags,but I think my favourite is definitly the tapestry fabric one!
    Did you think to use the offcuts for potholders??
    ps.your Etsy link doesnt work for me either :-(

  2. Julia, your bags are gorgeous!!! I can get into your Etsy shop. The ladies might be best opening in a new window that cannot access it. Hugs


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