Saturday, September 30

Ganutell, Flower Making..and Maltese Lace..

Have you ever heard of "Ganutell"...
My is never too old to learn something new!
The first heard of it was on SharonB's blog yesterday.
I was born in Malta, and would you believe I had never heard of it before, I must add that I have been out here in Australia for nearly 54 years, but I should have really known....I do know that they make beautiful bobbin lace in Malta.
'Ganutell' , which apparently is a fairly old art and which originated in Malta.
More info can be found at Beadsky and as Sharon pointed out, the history about Ganutell can be found here....Very interesting!

Above is a piece of very old Maltese lace that my friend Vivienne of Heavenly Embellishments sent in a package of Vintage and antique laces and threads ,that I bought from her - nothing less than 50 years old called "Classic Collection Bag"
Dh and I went back to visit relatives in Malta back in 1974, and on a little island called Gozo, just off the mainland, but which is still a part of Malta, I saw this beautiful lace being made there. ...and I did not buy any!
Lacemaking in Malta and neighboring Gozo trace their origins back to the 16th century.
You can read a little about it's history here .. and also see just about an identical piece of lace that I have on that site too.
My mother never sewed and my Grandmothers both passed away when I was little , so I never got to learn the beautiful crafts of Malta
I'm off to read some more about Malta and it's lace...

Friday, September 29

My Sandra

Mine by Sandra
Originally uploaded by Ribbonwiz.
Another one of my RR blocks has come home...
Sandra, has given me my crinoline ladies RR block, that she has beautifully worked on.
I think this crinoline lady is the only one with the blonde hair.
Sandra has stitched in a lovely peach floral ribbon on the dress, and a laced up bodice with tiny beads
Can you see the butterfly perched on the lady's hand...and the little bee on top of the hollyhock.
Thank you Sandra, I love it...

Thursday, September 28

Folded Ribbon Roses...

I made this up yesterday evening while watching TV....
I was sitting there feeling a bit sorry for myself, just one of those days! ....and thought I needed to make something "pretty".
I haven't done this type of embroidery for sometime, so I really enjoyed working on this and letting it come to 'life' as I stitched....that's the beauty of ribbon embroidery, it grows as you stitch and in just a few hours you have something beautiful.
I scanned this, so the roses are a little flattened.
I used a satin edged organza ribbon for the folded roses and a 7mm silk ribbon for the leaves.
The same 7mm ribbon is used for the stems...I just twisted the ribbon and couched it down.
I softened the overall effect with tiny delica beads highlights.
Now, will I frame it or make it up into a cushion! ...

Wednesday, September 27

Me being Blogged!...

This is an unusual blog post today, because another blogger is blogging me!!
I joined a Toplist to promote this blog, and the lady who owns that blog mentions all new blogs on her blogs.
Linda Walsh- is passionate about dolls and craft blogs, and does a lot to promote them, so please go over and check out what she had to say about me and check out her blogs too.
Wonderful write up ....I could not have written it up better myself!
Thank you Linda..

Tuesday, September 26

Dear Jane...

Well I have gone and done it!
Call me crazy, but I have just ordered the Dear Jane quilt book.
As if I don't have enough to do already!....but there's just something about this quilt that I feel compelled to do it.
All this past week all I could do every time that I came on the computer, was to look at the Dear Janics sites.
Just reading about Jane Stickle's life is fascinating, and I want to read more about her and her quilts.
My only problem is that, when I start to do something like this takes over my life...I can't stop until I finish it.
I realize that this quilt will be something that just cannot be done in a week or maybe even in a year, so I will have to pace myself with it, and enjoy it as it grows...Block by block.
The civil war fabrics that I have collected, will be perfect for this.
I would love to hear from anyone who has made the quilt or even started one...

Monday, September 25

Christmas Ornies

With Christmas fast approaching, and for those of you that may not have seen this last year on my blog...I thought I would post this tutorial again on how to make up some little Christmas ornaments for gifts and ornie swaps.
This is a really easy one to make, with a bit of help I think even the little ones would have fun making these up.
If you don't want to do the cross-stitch, just fussy cut out special sections of Christmas fabric, decorate it with glitter glue and assemble together.
How easy is that!

Plastic milk or juice bottle tops with O-ring seal (washed and dried)
Small pieces of plain fabric (3 ½ inches square) or 14 count Aida cloth for cross-stitch
Threads, ribbons, beads, charms any bits and pieces to embellish the decorations
Thin card to back decoration
Braid to go around the outside of decoration
Narrow ribbon to hang decoration
Clear drying craft glue
General hand sewing requirements
A little time and imagination and just have fun.

Embroider or cross-stitch your design onto the centre of your fabric piece. (Keep the design small so it will fit on the bottle top)
Embellish the design with tiny seed beads, metallic threads, ribbon bows, glitter fabric paint or anything you like.
Place the embroidered design over the bottle top, then place the O ring seal over the top.

Push the seal down as far as it will go to hold the embroidered fabric in place.
Smooth out any wrinkles.
Trim away the excess fabric.
Cut a cover for the back out of the card by tracing around the top and glue to the back.
Starting at the top, glue braid around the outside of the top to cover the plastic ring.
At the top where the braid joins, glue a piece of narrow ribbon long enough to hang the decoration.
Add a little bow to cover the braid and ribbon ends.
Let the glue dry overnight

The decoration is now ready to hang on the tree.
Looks great on door knobs as a decorator piece

Gathering Block # 6....

This is the block that Blogger wouldn't let me load the other day....Block #6.

In keeping with the tradition of crinoline ladies / southern belles...I've embellished this block with a lace bow that they usually have in their hair or on their dresses, a basket of flowers that they carry after picking the flowers from the garden, and a fan to cool them selves from the heat..

Saturday, September 23

Gathering Block #1

Gathering Block #1
Originally uploaded by Ribbonwiz.
Boy, I sure hope the creative juices keep flowing...Two more gathering blocks done!
That's six finished now and another six to go!...hopefully I will get them done by Christmas.
Blogger playing games again and won't let me load the pictures, so I have to do it through flickr one at a time.
I love the beautiful face of this girl, so I treied to keep the block fairly simple as I wanted the print to speak for the block..

The Magic of Crazy Marsha Michler

This is a beautiful crazy quilting book by J. Marsha Michler.

I have had this book for quite a while, and apart from looking at the beautiful pictures over and over again, I have not really tried any of the stitch combinations....I seem to be stuck doing the same seam combinations that I'm used to doing and love.
This is what it says on the back of the book:
* There are clear instructions for completing an entire
crazy quilt.
* Four different piecing methods
* 1.000's of stitch variations
* Six new projects to try.
There are lots of coloured pictures of old vintage quilts.
There's a chapter called "Finishing Touches" with several methods for finishing a crazy quilt, adding borders, plain borders and mitred corners, and lots more.
At the back is a page on the meaning of flowers...every flower you could possibly think of is there.
I think it's a great book full of inspirational CQ and well worth a look at.
After looking at the book again it has renewed my enthusiasm to try some of the stitch combinations....

Friday, September 22

Two More Gathering Blocks....

Just got back from having a lovely yummy lunch at my DS's restaurant...
He has worked very hard to get where he is today...and I guess you can tell I am very proud of him and my DIL who also works very hard with him..
Dh had slow oven cooked lamb shanks in a lovely tomato caper sauce, with potato smash and vegies. He said they were so tender, just melted in the mouth!
I had fish of the day which was grilled Snapper on a rice and pumpkin cake patty, asparagus, slow oven roasted tomatoes with capers , lemon butter sauce, and thin crisp potatoes slices to garnish....Oh! and he makes garlic bread to die for....make you hungry!

Here are two more of the gathering blocks for next Easter.
I love this one, and it will be hard to part with it, but I know it will be going to a good home.
It's all mainly done in pansies to fit in with the pansy print..the colours are also all in the mauves and purples.
I beaded a little butterfly and added it near the print..

Here is the pansy print again...this time on a cream block ,
I'll call this block My secret garden.
An arch with wisteria growing over it and a path that leads to a secret garden, foxgloves and pansies growing along the path..

Thursday, September 21

Easter Gathering Blocks ....progress

Things are coming along very nicely on the gathering blocks for next Easter...
I have finished embellishing four of them, and I am now working on the block # 5.
Here are two of the blocks...I think it's ok to post them one knows who getting what.
Perhaps you might get a bit of fun out of guessing which one is going to whom...I'm not telling if anyone's right or wrong!
At this stage the blocks are just numbered, and I'm not doing them in any order...
This one is # 3.
Pieced in mauves, sage green and purples.
I love this pansy print and I have used it a lot in my CQ's.
This block is embellished with a lace bow and a basket motif filled with SRE flowers.
The silver flowers near the print are made out of sequins, ands I think they look very pretty on the mauve piece..

This is block # 2..
I think this block looks very Victorian, with the crinoline ladies and the cameo.
I have embellished the block with spider web roses, beaded the lace motifs and worked in the little fan in thread work.
Dh drilled tiny holes in the cameo so I could sew it on rather than glue it, then I beaded around the cameo with tiny pearl and amethyst beads
I have done a group foxgloves in the bottom right corner near my name....

Wednesday, September 20

Janet's DYB..RR... from me

My dear friend Janet...(the one who calls me Julie) Has a wonderful creative imagination...and this is her RR block....what do you think?
I only have this one here at this stage, but later on when all the blocks are finished, I hope to get all the blocks from the girls and make them each a CD of all the blocks together.
Janet chose a crinkle fabric in a rich blue/purple colour...she had our names machine embroidered on each piece and made each one up in this circle block.
Janet also gave us the lace motif and said "Do whatever you like on the lace piece".
It was a bit of a challenge as she only wanted the lace embellished and that was a bit limiting.
So I hope she likes what I have done...

Monday, September 18

Bags ...

I had a wonderful burst of inspiration over the weekend and made up these two bags..
It was so nice to break out and do something a little different.
I think I mentioned some time back in March that my DS #2 had ten pair of jeans that he wanted the legs cut off to make them into shorts...I did that and then I had all these legs!
I gave some away and with one pair of legs I made up a hexagon bag last March...which I love and use very often.
Then this weekend I thought Cq would look nice made up with the denim..this is what I came up with.
Denim and purple shot looks so much better in real life.
Because of the thickness of the denim, I machined stitched the seam treatments, and added the hand dyed laces which I have beaded. the bag is fully lined with the same purple taffeta, and it is really quite stunning and a very generous size..

This smaller tote bag is made up in a rose tapestry fabric, with a luscious chocolate coloured Taffeta is also fully lined with the same taffeta.
I had this lovely two tone funky braid which matched perfectly with the tapestry.
I love them both, but I have soooo many bags, I think I might put these up for sale in my Etsy shop, then I can make some more..

Sunday, September 17

Not Stitching...

I don't have any stitching to post today...well I do but they are blocks that I'm making for my "Gathering" get together next Easter.
I think we are supposed to keep them secrect, so no one guesses who 's getting what...
I thought I would just ask you folk out you get into a big mess when your CQing...I sure do!.
My biggest mess is where I sit to stitch...who would think doing Cq could be so messy!.
I need beads, threads, ribbons, beading threads, motifs, lace, charms, my books for ideas, that get looked at from time to time...Etc and so on all by my side in the family room so I can watch TV while I stitch.
I try to use up bits of loose threads, but there's never enough left so out comes some new thread, and then there's more left over!
Then it's in and out of the sewing room to drag out more stuff that I remembered I had and would look nice on this or that block...Dh rolls his eyes and says "Haven't you got enough stuff there".
But it's all in the name of fun and Cqing!
Here is a link that a Cq friend Maria posted to our group, it's called FlyLady it's a bit of fun and she will help you get organized and decluttered if you need it...
Also check out Maria's blog, Maria does beautiful textile art work.
It's a lovely spring morning, so I think I will get out in the garden for a while..

Friday, September 15

New Hearts....

Three new hearts have arrived...

This lovely heart is from Maureen B,
So delicate cream on cream....the heart is divided into sections with satin ribbon and then embellished with flowers done in so perfect and neat tiny stitches worked in silky threads.
Thank you Maureen..

This second heart came from Lorenza in Italy.
I think it's very elegant...the red spider web roses are stunning in the centre piece of music fabric.
The seam treatments compliment the heart perfectly.
Thank you Lorenza, I hope we can swap again soon.

This heart came Susan in the states.
Susan has done beautiful seam treatments around a mother and child print.
Very pretty and makes a beautiful addition to my heart collection.
Thank you Susan..

Wednesday, September 13

My DYB..RR Blocks are Home..

Six of my DYB..RR blocks are home!!
They are so beautiful..
The girls that worked on these blocks for me are ladies that I taught SRE too

Golda's crinoline lady for me
lots of beading...the water coming out of the can is beaded, the Jacarandah tree is also beaded, and I just have to tell you what Golda wrote in the booklet.

"Have a gander at the Jacarandah,
I had so much fun
Embroidering your block,
sitting in the sun.
While the clock went Tic-Toc,
Between the girls there is such a bond,
And of you all , I have grown so fond"

This block is by Margaret..
Margaret also has done lots of beading and beautiful work.
Margaret chose blue for the cinoline lady's frock, and pretty hollyhocks and daisy flowers growing along a cobble stone path..

This one is by Janet..
Dear Janet has a bad time with arthritis in her right hand, but look at the gorgeous work she has done .
Janet has needle laced the parasol and the petticoat.
A satin stitched bow on the dress, and the pretty flowers in the garden..
Janet wrote;
My Mentor...Julie, (she calls me Julie)
Passion = is her art
Beautiful = sharing with others
Confident = for others to succeed
Mysterious= still to come
Love = is to know her
Hope = to continue
Enjoyment = doing it
Friendship = Sharing

I'm almost in tears writing this up, they are the most lovely ladies you could ever meet, and I was blessed the day they walked into my class three years ago

Pam did this lovely block..
I was always telling her, "little stitches Pam"
I am so proud of the work she is doing now.
Pam, every week rolls up with a joke or two to tell and get us all in a happy mood, and I can tell you, some days , not much stitching gets done...Today was one of those days!

This beautiful crinoline lady is by Melanie..
Mel does the most gorgeous work...All types of embroidery! Mel's stump work is amazing!
The dress on this crinoline lady is full of silk ribbons.
The basket is all done in rows of chain stitch to look like weaving. Mel wrote:

In keeping with tradition
I stitched this just for you,
with Hollyhocks and foxgloves
and for-get -nots too.

In keeping with tradition
your lady's bonnet has a bow
she holds a single blossom
and her skirts with roses flow.

In keeping with tradition
The stitches all are true,
But I stitched them with silk ribbons
and beading just for you..

Gathering Block...

I've finally started embellishing the gathering blocks...
I looked at this particular block and a thought..."Yes, I know who will get this one"....and that was all I needed to inspire me as to what I would do on this block.
I've said it so many times before, but black is so lovely to work on.
Especially with a bit of velvet and gold sparkle on it.
The gold braid I used here looks a bit dull, but it is a lovely old vintage gold colour and adds a bit of old world charm to the block...It is the third one down in my market buys from last Sunday.
With the pansy print in the centre, I thought I would make this block all up in Pansies, and stick to the colours of the print.
Still quite a bit more to do on this block, but I hope to have it done today.
Gotta go..meeting my embroidery friends today..

Monday, September 11

Market Buys...old doilies..

Blogger is working today!
I tried uploading this pics yesterday but blogger would not play the game.. I ended up having to upload yesterday's pics through Picasa, anyway these are the doilies I bought at the Sunday markets in Pinjarra, which is about a 40 minute drive from me.
I had not been there before, and as it was a little on the wet side weather wise, there were not too many stall holders there.
How ever I did pick up the braids and these old doilies from a dear lady who went to so much trouble of packaging them all in individual bags and marked them with an S if there was a stain, or a T if torn etc...

The crochet old doily above is handmade, a lovely piece but unfortunately it is damaged, but for only 15 cents, I could not pass it by.

These two together on the right are also hand worked, and a little soiled but the marks may come out if I soak them, if not I will use them in my Cq's..
They were only 20 cents each, so a good buy anyway..

This beautiful doily is so fine and in perfect condition.
I don't know if it is hand worked, but it would have taken good hands and better than perfect eyesight to work this piece.
It's a lot like bobbin lace, but I'm not sure.
Just 40 cents is all I paid for this piece...
I most definitely will go and visit this stall holder again..

Sunday, September 10

Market Buys..

I went to a new market this morning about 40 minute drive from where I live and what a great find I made...
All these lovely braids and also some lovely old doileys.
The coppery braid with sequins was only $1.50 for 2 metres...I could hardly believe it!
The beaded braid was $2 for 18 inches...
They are so beautiful I hardly want to use them...but I will! Posted by Picasa

Glasses Case.....Attaching Frame

Posted by Picasa

I’ve been asked how I attach the frames to my purses..
I like to pick up vintage purses with frames from garage sales or Sunday markets when I can.
You can sometimes find very unusual frames on old purses and it’s a bonus if they are selling very cheaply, for just a few dollars.
Not all frames are the same size or shape, so I have worked out how to make up my own pattern for them
Open the frame and lay it right side up onto a piece of paper.

Draw around the inside of the frame, extend the line out at each side so that the pattern measures 5 inches across…You should measure your glasses to make sure they will fit inside this measurement. This also allows for ¼ inch seams.

Now draw another line ½ inch above the frame outline to allow for the bit that goes onto the frame and a ¼ inch seam allowance…
I then measured down 6 ½ inches down at the sides for the length of the case…again make sure your glasses with fit, you may want to make it longer.

Cut a front and back, using this shape transferred onto fabric.
Cut two pieces of pellon for front and back.
Cut two lining pieces also from this shape.
Baste the pellon onto the back of the two fabric pieces;
Embellish the front as you wish.

Purse Assembly:
Pin front to back, right sides together.
Stitch the two pieces together all the way around with a ¼ inch seam starting and finishing at dots at either sides of the pattern.
Stitch together lining pieces, with a ¼ inch seam starting and finishing at dots, but leaving 2 inches open at bottom of lining to turn through later.

Now with purse right side out and lining wrong side out.
Place lining over the purse, so that the rights sides of lining and purse are together, stitch around the top from the dots on pattern, where the frame will be attached.
Clip back curved seam carefully.
Turn the lot through to the right side, check that the lining is fitting nicely.
sometimes you may need to take a tiny bit more on the seam.
Stitch closed the lining opening
Finger press or carefully iron press the top of purse.. Posted by Picasa

Attach Frame:
I like to place the purse on the outside of the frame as sometimes the fabric is too thick and the frame won’t close properly with all the bulk on the inside.
Depends on the frame you use..

Fold and mark the centre of purse top and line that up with the frame centre.
Starting from the centre out, backstitch in position using two strands of matching thread or better still, if you have any, a strong thread like matching beading thread.
I like to finish the purse off by stitching beads over the purse frame covering the stitches.
If your frame needs a chain, just attach chain to clasp with jump rings.
I hope I made this easy to read and understand.

Saturday, September 9

Black Velvet Purse...

I had great enjoyment yesterday making up this little black velvet purse..
I had this lovely sparkling black velvet fabric in my stash.
That's the beauty of having a nice stash, you can just pull fabric out and make something as the mood takes you.
The purse is embellished with SRE, lined with a rich plum satin...(which reminds me I need to buy some black satin).
I added the fringe and the clasp/chain and it was done.... The purse can easily be made in a day.
The clasp takes the longest time to do, but it's so nice and satisfying to have made something so pretty..

More Gathering Blocks...

Here are two more of the gathering blocks that I have put together, ready to be embellished..

The same pansy print on two different colour ways...I don't know which one I love best.
Both will be lovely to work on.
The purple one is mainly all put together in silks, the green picks out the green in the print and I think adds a lovely contrast..

The black fabrics don't show up here very well, but they are velvets and silks with a little bit of sparkle..
This will be gorgeous to work on, everything will just pop and stand out on the black.
I think I know who this one will go to... No, I'm not telling...Just a little tease!

Friday, September 8

Easter Gathering Blocks.....started

At last, I've started making my gathering blocks for the Easter get together..
You can read all about it on Sandie's blog here .
There are no names on the blocks yet..I have only just numbered them.

The blocks are made with each particular girl in mind, but when they are all made up I will look at each block again and try to embellish the block for that person..

I have made up five blocks so far, and here are just two of them.

Isn't this a lovely print of a beautiful young girl..

Gotta go and make up some should see the mess in the sewing room!..

Thursday, September 7

I Got Mail! .....Hearts

What a great mail day I had was almost like winning lotto!
Look at these three beautiful hearts that came from around the world...
This first heart is from Alison in Queensland Australia..I'm getting quite fond of the oriental type of blocks in quilting,.
A few of my sane quilting friends are working on oriental quilts and the more I see of them the more I'm getting to like them.
Thank you Alison..

This next heart is from Beverly Anne in the states.

I love the little brown bird and the colouring in this heart is in lovely soft pastels.
Bev has added a little cluster of buttons which seem to suit this heart very well, the chosen colours of buttons are perfect and compliment the colours of the fabric..
Thank you Beverly Anne..

This cute little heart is from Ati in Norway..

A Betty Boop print on a red and white heart.
This heart is so cute and different to all of the other hearts in my collection of hearts from my Chain of Hearts group ladies.

Ati has sewn on a funky fibre around the little print which adds to it's appeal...I just love it.
Thank you Ati..

Wednesday, September 6

Tatting on Cq... Heart From Norma

Tatting looks great on Cq, and it's always lovely to receive some tatting on a cq piece, especially when you can't do it yourself...

From Norma
Originally uploaded by Ribbonwiz.

This gorgeous heart with a tatted fan motif came to me in a swap with Norma.
I so admire anyone who can tat, I wish I could tat.
For the life of me I just can not use the shuttle to tat., I get myself all tied up in knots literally.
I can needle tat, but it's not the same, I think shuttle tatting is so much more neater and a better finish.
Here are a couple of pieces I needle tatted, I loved doing the beaded tatting and it's really not too hard to do once you get the hang of it and get going.
These patterns were free on the net.
The beaded tatting piece is a design by Dianna Stevens 2004, you can find the beaded design here, and there are lots more designs here, these designs are for personal use only.
The heart design is by La rae Mikulecky and is here this heart design is for shuttle tatting but I managed to needle tat it...quite proud of myself I was too..

Monday, September 4

Community Quilt...

My friend Lurline and I made up this very colourful community is to be given to our P/work guild, who in turn will give it to a needy young person, or to a sick young person in hospital that might be going through a rough time.
Sorry the photo is a bit hazy, I'm not very good at taking photos with my camera.
The fabric is of faces on the sun and moon, very happy and cheery.
The fabric was given to us by the guild, Lurline pieced up the quilt in the kaleidoscope design, we pinned it at our p/work club and I machine quilted it and attatched the binding, now another friend Lois is going to hand stitch back the binding.
I think some young person will enjoy having this to cheer them up..

Saturday, September 2

More Blocks in the DYB..RR..for Sandra

Here are three more blocks in the RR I'm in with my Wednesday embroidery friends...
This first one is what I did for Sandra.
I filled a gold watering can with pink Fargo roses.
Sandra chose several different things for her blocks and intends to make them into a table runner...the blocks will only be six inches square.

This lovely block was done by Melanie..
An urn filled with beautiful purple roses.
Very elegant..

This block is by Janet..
Janet did a lamp post with a climbing rose and a garden of flowers surrounding the lamp post.
There are Hollyhocks, lavender, Daffodils, and my favourite a Topiary Rose Tree..
I'm sure Sandra will be thrilled to bits with these blocks...