Saturday, August 5

Victorian RR block finished..

Victorian RR block
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My Victorian RR block came home yesterday while I was at the craft show...what a lovely surprise to come home to.

Sandie, your roses are lovely..I love the cameo, it looks so pretty on the mauve fabric piece, and you did beautiful beading on the lace you dyed...thank you.
Margaret, The butterfly is lovely, I have never done any thing with solvy or a shisha mirror, love the pink vine the little bird and the snowflake, Thank you
Maxine, the bouquet of flowers is gorgeous. love the dyed lace , very Victorian as is the lace beaded heart..thank you.
Rosemary. you did such a beautiful arch of much work, the colours are beautiful and I love fairies.
Maureen, thank you for all your work...the lady print looks lovely with the flowers on her hat, the bow on her dress and the exquisite little necklace is perfect..I love the irises you embroidered for me, they are so beautiful..the pansies are lovely, and the motif with the flower on it is a beautiful feature on the block.
Girls thank you all, it has been a wonderful RR,


  1. Julia
    wot a wonderful piece to come home to from the craft show- and isnt it lovely- everyone who embroidered on it did it so gorjas!@!- and they all blend in together well - so it appears that not 5 people worked on it but just the one- I love this- wot are you going to do with it now??
    love n hugs bear xoxoxox

  2. Julia

    This is absolutely stunning. What a wonderful surprise to come home too.

  3. I'm curious Julia, to know what you are going to do with your block now it's home?? I am unsure with mine .... still pondering that one! Your block looks stunning completed, love everything the girls have created on it. Since I was the first to work on it, I've only grabbed little glimpses since...... this was a fantastic RR! Hugs

  4. I just discovered your blog. I love your victorian block. Its a treasure. I started a crazy RR this spring and soon I will gett my block back. I have had a pre wiew on it (picture on my blog) and I a very satisfied. Now I am working on a block in this RR which is very christmas. A bit difficult since the weather is so warm and sunny. Do you have any christmas ideas to share with me.


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