Wednesday, August 30

Three New hearts....

I have made three new hearts to add to my Chain of Hearts photo album...
The two I posted a couple of days ago have been taken.
Ati in Norway has chosen the Bluebird heart. Susan in the states has chosen the Red Rose heart...they will be on their way to you ladies this week.
This first heart is called " Bathtime"...
Done in a dusty pinks and sage greens.

This heart I have called "Young Girl", I could not think of a better name, but it's a lovely print and has made up beautifully with SRE roses...

This last one I have called "Edith" I just think this lady in the print looks like an "Edith"..
I think she looks more Edwardian than Victorian.
I wonder which country they will end up in..

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  1. The hearts are so beautiful. I look forward to swap "Young girl" with you. Do you "make" the fabric with photos on yourself or do you buy them somewhere. The one I have found in shops here is so big that just an ear will show if I use them in my hearts.


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