Thursday, August 17

Textile Purse...Finished

My first attempt at doing the textile art thing (for want of a better name) is finished...Well I don't think this could really be called that at this learning stage..But anyway, it's a start!
I went to a craft show recently and fell in love with all the beautiful work in Fibre Arts that was there..So here is what I've done so far.
I wanted to start off small, but at the same time make something I could use..Just in case it turned out well..
First up I cut some pieces of fabrics all the same size, then I lay about 5 pieces on top of each other...I pinned them together and free motioned stipple quilted all over them.
Then I thought I would try burning in between the stippling, so that the fabric layer underneath would show through...Not sure if I like doing that.
One thing for sure though, do this outside as quite a bit of fumes come off the synthetic fabrics.
The fabric did not burn as cleanly as I would have liked..There was a lot of black around the edges that were burned, that could have been because of the type of fabric I used.
Not happy with that..I thought I would cover the lot with a piece of fine black tulle.I decide to lay some bits of black lace and gold cord under the tulle to see how that would look.
The lace and cord looked quite nice, so I then stipple quilted over the lot again.
I then beaded some of the stippling with the oil slick beads...These beads add sparkle and look elegant.
The purse was then made up with the same fabric binding cut on the bias.
Somehow it still needed something more..So I dyed a lace motif to as near as the same colour as I could, attatched it on the flap and beaded it with some beads.
I'm quite happy with the end result, and at least next time I will know to choose my fabric more carefully..


  1. Despite the fact that you aren't totally happy with this, I think it turned out great.

  2. It is so beautiful. You can proudly carry that one with you.

  3. I think it is quite wonderful myself, and very attractive. Re the burning, perhaps the heat gun was left too long, or was too close? ktj

  4. Not matter what you call it, textile art thing or not :-) it turned out very lovely!


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