Sunday, August 6

Textile Fibre Art...first attempt..

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Well, at last I've made a start at doing Textile Fibre Art...I don't think this could really be called that at this learning stage..But anyway, it's a start!
I went to a craft show last Friday and fell in love with all the beautiful work in Fibre Arts that was there..So here is what I've done so far..
I wanted to start off small, but at the same time make something I could use..Just in case it turned out well!....Grin.
First up I cut some pieces of fabrics all the same size, then I lay about 5 pieces on top of each other...I pinned them together and free motioned stipple quilted all over them.
Then I thought I would try burning in between the stippling, so that the fabric layer underneath would show through.
Not sure if I like doing that...One thing for sure though, do this outside as quite a bit of fumes come off the synthetic fabrics.
The fabric did not burn as cleanly as I would have liked..There was a lot of black around the edges that were burned, that could have been because of the type of fabric I used.
Not happy with that..I thought I would cover the lot with a piece of fine black tulle.
I decide to lay some bits of black lace and gold cord under the tulle to see how that would look.
The lace and cord looked quite nice, so I then stipple quilted over the lot again.
Now I am beading some of the stippling with the oil slick beads...these beads add sparkle and look elegant..
Off to do some more...keen to finish it now!.


  1. Julia
    I love it- it looks so kewl!- another thing to play with - girl stop Ihave so much on now- but I really do like this- just a thought no doubt you did it but did you cut out some of the burnt edges?? or would that make it to clinical looking??
    I have to try it ggg
    and I love yours
    love and hugs bear xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

  2. Really different and beautiful Julia .........


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