Monday, August 28

Stem Stitch Rose..& Seam Treatment..

Today, I thought I would highlight the Stem Stitch Rose and a little seam treat ment I did on a little blue heart...
The rose is easy and lovely to do, and looks great in Cq as a part of a feature floral arrangement.
You can see it worked on a little blue heart in the previous post.

Stem stitch Roses:
Just draw around a 15mm button as a guide for the round flower shape.
Thread the chenille needle with the 7mm silk ribbon and stem stitch in the rose, working from the outside in towards the centre, as shown in photo.

The details don't show up very well, but it looks really effective ..
I traced around half of a cotton reel top in a continuous scallop design, then I chain stitched in the scallop outline.
I then added the five petal fan shaped flowers inside each between the petals I added a straight stitch in the same green thread as the chain stitch, and finished each flower with a yellow bead centre.
In between the scallops I worked in three orange detached chain stitches again with a straight stitch in between each detached chain stitch and also finished with a yellow bead to complete the seam treatment..


  1. Do you want to swap this heart with me???

  2. I love your seam, and thanks for a better explanation of the stem stitch rose - the one I saw before did it from the inside out and I found it awkward, I think this will work much better!

  3. I love to try and stitch roses and this one along with it's instruction will be my next attempt. It looks so real.

  4. Julia thank you very much for this explanation. The rose looks lovely, I will try to do that .
    I think, I will be the lucky one to get the rose, isn't it?
    I have just began to work with silk ribbon and it is a challenge to learn. The results are beautiful. I see roses and other flowers everywhere.

  5. I just love this seam treatment you did with the half-daisies. Thanks for sharing the pic & directions!


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