Thursday, August 24

My Day...Yesterday.

I don't have much to blog about today...But I would like to tell you about the wonderful dinner I went to last night...
The Western Australian Quilting guild that I belong to, celebrated their 30th Anniversary year, and last night had a dinner to celebrate the occasion, and what a grand occasion it was.
When my friends and I arrived we were given pre-dinner drinks with warm savouries...little meat balls and dipping sauce and also crumbed king prawns...yumm!!
After a little while we were seated at our table, all the tables were named after a quilting block, ours was called "Storm at Sea"...
We chatted for a while and then was asked to go and take our pick of food from a delicious buffet dinner made up of, a beef and ham carvery, a seafood selection and wonderful warm and cold salads.
Narelle Grieve was the guest speaker...Narelle recently was awarded the Rajah Award for her outstanding contribution to Australian Quilting.
Narelle spoke about her quilting journey that began in 1981, it was truly inspirational...and her quilts...They are amazing!
I have never seen such beautiful quilts, you really have to see them, pictures just do not do them justice.
Narelle loves to hand quilt, and you would be amazed at the beautiful fine hand quilting that I have ever seen... If you ever get a chance to see them, please do.
After all the speeches were finished, we were served desserts, there was so much to choose from, it was very hard to just have one..or two ...or even three different sweets.
I think there were many ladies who might have over-done it a bit on the desserts and today eating only lettuce included!
Coffee and after dinner mints finished off the evening just beautifully...and a wonderful time was had by all..


  1. Did you wear the necklace, and take the purse??

  2. Sounds like a wonderful evening. A meeting with quilt friends is always nice. I was thinking the same as jo....did you bring your new beatiful purse.


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