Monday, August 7

Kimono Block and Day 48....

Day 48...I have missed a few days, and as I have not been doing anything much in the way of CQ, I thought I would share this amazing Kimono block with you..
I best start with the background of this block and how it came about..
It started in December 2004, the "Crazy Gathering" online group that I belong to....
were having a beading RR..So I joined in and made a fan block, all in beautiful silk fabrics...Beautiful it was!
Much to my disappointment it never made it to it's first destination...It got lost in the mail.
I was so upset and disappointed that I was going to drop out of this RR...Then dear Stephanie offered me this gorgeous Kimono block that she had made..How could I refuse!...It was so generous of her to do that for me.
Stephanie even made me a little booklet and sent the block and booklet to the girl I was to post to...So I was back in the RR....

I thought that over the next few days I would highlight the seam treatments of this block, and give credit to the girl who did them.
I thought it was only fitting that I start with Stephanie's work on his block.
Stephanie did this MOP sequin flower motif with tiny pink and blue pearls is on the centre back of the kimono.
Thank you Stephanie...


  1. This is really gorgeous, love the sequins made into a flower, very beautiful. It's awful you lost your block, but am so pleased someone had a spair and offered it, there are some lovely people in the world! The kimono is gorgeous

  2. So pretty! I love the flower motif and I am featuring a similar motif later in the week on my blog and will link to this one. :-) What a great replacement block! There seems to be a greater number of RR losses in the last several months, but I imagine that is due to the fact there are so many RRs going on, maybe a record-breaking number! :-)

  3. How neat to see it again! I can't wait to see highlights of everything.

  4. Julia, this is neat. I made a copy of a Kimono block from CQ Mag and it is similiar. I just love kimono's. I have two that I needlepointed and recently found a patchwork pattern for one. I guess I am starting a minature kimono collection. If your block had to go astray, at least it was replaced with another beautiful one. Hugs Zandra

  5. Julia
    It has been a few days since I came and looked- and oh wot have I been missing out on - this is THAT block I had heard about- I wonder if it will be back from its journeys around the world in time for our Gathering at Sandies- I truly would love to look at it up close and personal- oh its so very very beautiful and Stephanies flower is so beautiful and so Japanese in appearence love n hugs bear xoxoxoxox


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