Sunday, August 27

Hearts 30 & 31....COH Group..

These are two hearts I've made for the Chain of Hearts Group that I'm in...
I have not made any hearts for a while, and now that there are some new members, I thought it would be fun to get back in and do a few more swaps.
We have ladies all over the world in the group and it's so nice to receive a heart and a little note about the heart maker from another country..
This little heart is called "Bluebirds", It will be hard to part with this heart as I've got quite fond of it..

This heart I've called " Roses".
Black is so nice to work on and a particular favourite of mine...anything looks great on black, it just seems to pop out!
The centre rose is done with a paper serviette, and a special solution that makes the paper adhere to the fabric and also makes the paper waterproof.
I highlighted the red rose with beads and blanket stitched around the petals so it would sparkle and stand out...
I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend...I'm off to the Sunday markets now to see if there's any little treasure that catches my eye..


  1. Both of your hearts are beautiful! I'd swap with you, but I only have one heart available at the moment and it's red/white/blue, which doesn't seem very popular right now. It's in my photo album, or scan back on my blog, if you think you'd be interested at all.

  2. Or this one. Please look in my album to see if any heart fancy you.

  3. I'm looking at this one again. I still love it. I love black with anything. I looked at them in your album, too. I have nothing to swap now, so I'll hope you make another black one sometime!

    May's block she swapped with me was beautiful, too!

  4. Could you post what it is you used for the paper napkin to make it so you could sew through it? I've never heard of this and I have so many napkins that would make excellent CQ pieces. Thank you!


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