Tuesday, August 22

Fargo Rose....

I'm having trouble keeping up with Sharons 100 details in 100 days, so I thought I would just post something when I can.
I have been asked a few times how I do my Fargo Roses also known as a French Knot Rose...
I love the Fargo Rose and use it a lot in my Cq's..It's great for seam treatments, you can add it to any stitch combination, and also makes beautiful little flower sprays and my favourite the Topiary Tree..

The Fargo rose is so pretty and easy to do...
I find that 4mm ribbon works the best for the rose....Come up from the back with 4mm ribbon threaded on a chenille needle..Secure ribbon tail at back..
About 1 inch or so up from fabric...Do a one wrap around the needle with the ribbon as you would for a French knot.
Then do a running stitch back down the ribbon to the fabric... Go through to the back next to where you came up from and gently pull through tightly...
The knot will form the centre of the flower and the running stitch will
form the petals...Secure at back..
The topiary tree is just a group of Fargo Roses worked in a circle, stem stitch in a trunk...I like to do a twisted tree trunk.
A little pot worked in with gold floss..Make up your own design for the pot.
A pretty bow under the ball of roses..and soften it up with a few detached lazy daisy leaves
I hope you can understand this...Have fun doing the rose.


  1. I love Fargo roses...now...it took me a while to get them right! Your work is lovely and always inspires me. I must try another topiary tree...they are so pretty.

  2. Thank you for explaining this rose. I will try to do it after work today. I have got some few ribbons (4 mm) from a lady and will try to make one....or two roses. I hope my friend who has been in Birmingham now has bought me some more silkribbons.

  3. Thanks, Julia, for this little tutorial. I have been using Fargo roses for a while, but have not been doing the French knot...maybe that's why your's are so lovely! grin
    If it's ok with you, I would love to link to this on Fabric Follies..

  4. Thank you, when I first read this i had trouble figuring out what you meant about the running stitch(am not too bright it seems) but finally realized you meant take a running stitch with the silk ribbon itself.....lol...and now i am ready to try it! thanks....



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