Tuesday, August 15

Day 56...Beaded Kimono RR Block..

These are the last posts for the kimono RR block that I was in with my online "Gathering" group of CQ friends..there were twelve of us including me..
Today I will highlight Jocelyn's in New Zealand and Rissa's in Jackson Mississippi work on the block.
Rissa has a wonderful blog with lots of great information.
Rissa is blogging on how to print on fabric through your computer/ printer.

Rissa worked in the rice pearl beads on both of the sleeves and also added the little silver dragonflies..On the bottom of the end skirt panels Rissa also added two lovely Swarovski flower crystals..adds a lovely sparkle to the block.

Jocelyn added the three flower beaded motifs to each side of the skirt panels.
They are made up of eight little cream bugle beads stitched into a circle..a seed bead in between and at the end of each bugle bead..and a very sparkly faceted crystal bead in the centre.
Thank you Rissa and Jocelyn for working on my Kimono block.
Well you can just imagine all the ooohing and ahhhing when I opened up the parcel and saw the block all embellished and finished...then it was what to make from the block..whether to frame it or make it into something else.
After spending the last few days looking again at all the beautiful work gone into the block, I think it would be best framed to protect the block from dust and people handling it..
I will find a nice gold frame to compliment it and have it framed..

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  1. Your kimono block is so beautiful. What a treasure to have. I wonder....is it big or small??


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