Friday, August 11

Day 52...Beaded Kimono Block..Sleeve..

The Kimono block arrived in England February 2005..
Juliette worked in a simple but very pretty seam..Using bugle beads and seed beads in two slightly different shades of amber.
If you scroll down to a few days ago, and look at the picture of the whole Kimono, it is the sleeve seam on the left near the back bodice of the Kimono...
The Kimono was then back off to the states to Kimber in New Jersey..

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  1. Hi again
    well this is very delicate beading as well- really the Kimono has demanded such delicate adornment hasnt it- and each lady has addded to the blocks beauty- this is lovely Juliette and I cant wait for Kimbers beautiful embroidery now- I will be looking for its return to the blog Julia- Kimbers embroidery is stunning as well
    love this though its gorjas!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxox


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