Tuesday, August 1

Day 42....Dragonflies

Dragonflies are another CQ favourite...And one of my all time favourites too...
The first picture are of two beaded dragonflies that I made some time ago...I could not find the pattern to post here today... Aren't they lovely!.

Here is an easy way to do a dragonfly, and looks great!
First I attatch three faux rice beads for the body, then trail off with a few smaller pearl seed beads for the tail..About six beads.
Then I added two tiny beads for the eyes.
For the wings...I just used #8 DMC crochet cotton and worked in detached chain stitch..Couching down in three places to hold down in place.
I added two smaller detached chain stitches inside the two bigger wings for a bit of dimension


  1. I love this pearl look dragonfly.. it has to be my favorite for it's elegant simplicity.

  2. I love these dragonflies too. They are wonderful!

  3. Hi! Well, you must be telepatic. I was trying to do dragonflies and butterflies with ribbon and it didn't work out. So I thought I would read the posts on bloglines and then go and do a google search!
    So I will try it out today!


  4. Julia
    do you think you could find the pattern for the beaded dragonflies- I could try it myself but if you find it its gunna save my tired little old eyes counting bead seeds isnt it?? ggg- I like the rice seed one as well- thats cute - might play tonight- love yours darling
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo

  5. absolutely beautiful,exquisite embroidery,a dragonfly i can use thank you for sharing


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