Wednesday, August 2

CQ Victorian Box...

Here is a CQ Victorian Box I made back in 2004 for the CQMagonline ..
I made this box in a pentagon shape for my friends in the states...the instructions for making the box are there if you would like to make one.
Each panel has a different hand dyed lace motif, embellished with SRE and beads..

This SRE and beaded lace motif box is made up the same way but in a hexagon shape..


  1. Hi! I saw this in the CQ-magonline some time ago...and I didn't remember were I saw it. I will be having a CQ class soon and we are using the box as a sample of something you can do with CQ..thanks for posting. Now I can inform my students of the source. I am actually finishing the final touches today, so I can hand in this class sample!

  2. Julia, these are gorgeous! I could look at them all day and do anything else!

    Thank you too for your pansy directions and your dragonfly posts. It's so nice to collect ideas from everyone's blogs.

  3. Hi Pam and Barbara...thank you for the lovely comments.
    It's so nice to share and get ideas from everyone..
    I get some much inspiration from reading other blogs, and it's nice to give back a little..

  4. Julia
    I saw the red one in CQmagonline and thought one day - and then I saw the poirple one in the mag and thought yup I gotta make this one- and well I need to bead mine and then put it together- U inspire me to try things dear Julia- and your embroidery is so beautiful!!
    love you heaps bear xoxoxoxoxxoxo

  5. I really must get in and finish making mine, which is in the early stages .... this is one of my all time favorite projects. Now I've caught up with other commitments I plan on finishing some UFO's! You do beautiful work Julia, and your choice of colours are just delightful!


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