Wednesday, August 23


While surfing the net a few days ago, I came across a little pincushion called a "Biscornu"
Well. me being me, I just had to have a go at making one.
The only instructions I could find were in French, but by looking at the photos and trying to decipher a bit of the instructions, I worked out roughly how big it is and how to put it together..
The way I made mine is:
I first cut two pieces 5 inches x 5 inches square of 14 count Aida cloth.
I then picked out a design to work on it...You will find some lovely biscornu's to look at and also some great little cross stitch graphs here .
The design I have used here came from this site.
Find the centre of the square and work the design from the centre out, work the same design on both pieces of Aida cloth
Then I measured 2 inches out from the centre on all four sides, to give me a 4 inch square...
With the same two strands of cotton I then worked a back stitch all the way around the square....leaving me a half inch seam to work with when putting the biscornu together.
I also came across this site that shows great pictures on how to put the biscornu together.
I followed these instructions to put the biscornu together...while it is a bit fiddley to do, it does get easier as you go.
It was fun and a bit differnt to do..


  1. Lovely pincusion. And a great site that explains it. That crosstich reminds me of all of my UFO's of crosstitching I have up in a box at the attic. I was eager to do this several years ago. But when I got hocked on quilting......well you know. Perhaps I should look at it now......hmmmmm......
    Do everyone have so much ufo's as me LOL

  2. That is so neat! Thank you for the links.

  3. Aren't these fun. I did several earlier this year. Like May I wanted to do some more, but got away from it when I found In a Minute ago. June

  4. How cute! I really do love making pincushions. I might have to have a go at one of these myself.

  5. C'est un bien joli "biscornu" merci pour les liens en français j'aime beaucoup les "pique-aiguilles" et j'aime beaucoup votre blog.

  6. Here's a sit in English. Even with an online translator, it didn't come out well. I'm anxious to do one of these although it won't be emroidered or at least not this way. They are so adorable!
    :-) Gina


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