Sunday, July 30

Wired Ribbon Pansy...

Here are some instructions on making a wired ribbon Pansy..

Cut 2 X 10cm pieces of wire edged ribbon.
Overlap ribbons at right angles and stitch edge as in dia. 1
Pull thread gently and knot.
The stitched edge will be the centre.

Cut 1 piece of ribbon 28cm long
Fold and pin as in dia 2.
Stitch the edge as in dia.2
Pull up thread gently and tightly and secure
This makes 3 front petals.
The stitched edge will be the centre

Cut 1 x 6 cm piece of ribbon
Fold and Stitch as in dia. 3
Pull thread up to form petals
Bring petals together at base and stitch tightly together.

Place the two back petals (slightly higher) behind the three front petals, and stitch securely in place at the centre of pansy with matching thread. Using 4mm yellow silk ribbon threaded on chenille needle make a soft knot to fill in centre.
To finish off pansy stitch a few straight stitches around centre in black stranded cotton.


  1. Those are a bit super! Thanks for the tute.

  2. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for dropping by Patra's Place to comment on the peacock design. I was rather surprised by the response, as although I agree it is a pretty peacock design, I think some of my others are much nicer! But perhaps they don't lend themselves to crazy quilting, I don't know.

  3. Maureen was after instructions for a pansy the other day, I lead her 'here' ..... LOL these are great instructions, thanks Julia! I love making these, but often find they look really bulky on a CQ block, must do a pansy picture of some type and frame it, as they really are one of my very favorite flowers.

  4. Those are beautiful. Another favorite flower of mine! :-) Thanks for the instructions.


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