Thursday, July 20

What I'm Doing Now....Recipe Quilt.

Has anyone out there heard of a "Recipe Quilt"...That's what I'm working on now and for the next few months...

My Tuesday's sane quilting group of ladies are each undertaking the making of a recipe quilt...this is how it works..
There are ten of us in this group, each one of us writes down on two separate pieces of paper two quilting "Ingredients" I may have chosen hearts and flowers...So that's twenty ingredients all up.
All these "Ingredients" go into a box...No one knows what the other persons have chosen for their ingredients.
Then once a month we draw out two ingredients, and we have to start putting together a quilt using these ingredients.
It helps if you have a rough idea of what theme of quilt you would like to make.
I have a rough idea of the type of quilt I will endeavor to make.
I love soft romantic florals...Some of the girls are going for a Japanese theme with beautiful Japanese fabrics.
So far we have drawn out four "ingredients".. Log cabin, trees, flowers and curved seams.
I thought I would start with a central medallion, and work out from there.
This picture is what I have done so far..I'm needle turning the pot and the flowers...This will take care of the "Flower" ingredient, if applique comes up it will take care of that to.
Next I will make some log cabin and tree blocks and see where I can place them.
The curved seam has me stumped a bit...But I guess that is part of the challenge...


  1. REcipe Quilt - what an absolutely brilliant idea. The possibilitie are endless.

  2. This sounds really intriguing. It will be interesting to see how it all works and what you do with each ingredient.


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