Saturday, July 29

Today's Detail...Embellishing a Print..

Today's detail is how I like to embellish a print..

After I have chosen the print that I will use... I choose the laces and hand paint them in colours to compliment the print.
To secure the print to the fabric, I like to cut a small piece of Vliesofix fusible webbing (wonder under) and iron it onto the back of the print, take the backing paper off the Vliesofix and with a warm iron press the print in position on your fabric.
Then I turn the raw edges of the print under and lightly press to hold in place.
I then, using matching threads, attatch the laces in a pleasing arrangement.
Next I like to work a feather stitch around the print catching in the raw edges....Now for the fun bit!.

The first bit of embellishing I like to do is bead the lace...
Bead the outline of the flower petals, highlight the centres of the petals and fill in the centre of the flower with beads.
For the leaves, I just like to bead the veins of the leaves.
Then add SRE...Fill in the gaps with spider web roses and buds, I also like to add loop flowers...They add a lovely dimension to the work, finish the loop flowers with a bead in the centre, that helps to keep the flower open.
I love adding the leaves last, working them in between the flowers...The work just seems to come alive when I add the green leaves.
Add little ribbon stitch buds to the feather stitch and finish off with beads to the other feather stitch tips.
On this print, I worked in SRE roses and leaves on the lady's hat, a gold French knot for her earring and a tiny gold floss chain stitched choker necklace with a tiny gold bead...


  1. Stunning Julia! I ordered some dyes...can't wait to do some lace.

  2. Wow, That is just fantastic...I have so much to learn..thank you for sharing!

  3. Julia, that is just beautiful! Your use of Victorian colors is amazing to me.

  4. Your piece is lovely. Thank you for sharing how you do this.

  5. Julia
    U know how much I adore your SRE and this is beautifulk!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxxo


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