Wednesday, July 19

Stem Stitch Rose...Day 29

Stem Stitch rose
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Today Sharon's detail is the Palestrina stitch...I have to admit that I have never done this stitch, so this is one I will just have to have a go at..
Today I am showing another favourite flower of mine to do..the Stem Stitch Rose.
It 's so easy to do..using a HB pencil, draw a cirlce around a 15mm button.
Thread the chenille needle with the 7mm silk ribbon and stem stitch in the rose, working from the outside in towards the centre.
Branch out with the same ribbon and ribbon stitch in a group of three buds.
Connect the buds to the roses by working a straight stitch in each bud and a fly stitch with an extended holding stitch to form the stem of the bud. Work in a few lazy daisy leaves among the buds and the roses.
To highlight the embroidery. With one strand of the Green , work in the featherstitch as in picture, then with one strand of the Gold floss add a two wrap French knot to tips of the featherstitch.


  1. Very pretty. I love roses and need to try one of these.

  2. Julia, I love this motif! I've done roses like this but will have to try them. Thank you!


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