Monday, July 3

Pink Block # 2...

I just had to post this gorgeous pink block from my pink wallhanging...
I love this block.
I wonder if you can guess who made this block..
There are a few give away hints on the block...If you regurally visit certain well known blogs, I'm sure you would guess.
Leave a comment and I'll see tomorrow who guessed right!....
The left seam treatment under the angel is lovely and a bit different, it's half circles of detached chain stitch, and like little fern stitch trees in between.
You can see a lovely big picture here ...


  1. Well, my first thought was pink block = Sandie, but, lets see, tatting, a beaded flower, waste canvas rose bud, I would say this block is from Linda ( Chloes Place), no chicken scratch though, so maybe not...
    Buy the way , my SIL gives me unsold mags from her shop, and I open it up , and here is an article on doing a SRE heart by you!

  2. Hmmm looking at the peacock I would say Linda (Chloe's place) and the fact there's lots of purple/mauve. Ok so I'm guessing, but now I'm really curious.

  3. Yep, I was going to say Linda of Chloe's Place too! I recognize her tatting!


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