Saturday, July 15

My Initial....J

Today, I thought I would post a close up of my initial J, that I have on my Victorian Fan Quilt...
It's so easy to do...Just pick a nice font on your computer, size it to how ever big you would like it to be, print it out and transfer it onto your block...or draw in the initial freehand.
You can transfer the font by tracing it onto a piece of greaseproof lunch paper... Stitching just the outline of the initial with small tacking stitches or stem stitch through the paper, then carefully removing the paper.
Or by transferring the initial using the press and seal method that I wrote about in May 13th.
Then you can add as much embellishing as you Little Fargo roses, beads etc.
I chose to cover the whole initial in Fargo roses and buds, working groups of Fargo roses on the curves and then trailing off to French knot buds and detached chain stitch leaves..


  1. Julia I do like the initial - very nice. Makes me itch to want to sew some more initials on

  2. This is particularly luscious!

  3. Love this initial... I think I need to find one to use too!!


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