Sunday, July 30

My Detail for Today....Pansies

My detail for today is Pansies...A popular favourite for CQ.
I think pansies look great on Victorian theme blocks..The colours of pansies and the flower it self lends itself to a Victorian block...
This piece is off my Black Pansy and Lace block.
I especially love the purple and mauve pansies...
The way I do them is.....
With a deep purple 7mm silk ribbon, ribbon stitch two petals for the top ones, then change to a mauve 7mm ribbon and ribbon stitch in three petals for the bottom petals..
Work the two outside petals first and then one in the middle so that it goes over the top of the other two petals.
Then for the centre.. With yellow 4mm ribbon do a one wrap French knot and to finish off..
Give the pansy a "face" by stitching some straight stitches on the bottom petals using one strand of black DMC floss...


  1. If I could slink into your home for a visit, I'd pinch this - it's my very favotite piece of yours! LOL Mind you, I think I'd have a wonderful time admiring all you make Julia and seeing it in your home. That reminds me, I still owe you some photos of 'around my home' too ..... yikes, that was a long time ago!!! LOL

  2. This block made such an impression on me when I first saw it as a winner in the Pansies and Lace contest for CQN sometime ago! It's very lovely!

  3. Oh Julia
    this was the very first thing I ever taught anyone to make- thank goodness for the wire edged pansy- and yours are so beautiful so pretty!!
    love n hugs bear xoxoxoxoxox


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