Friday, July 28

It's Raining...It's Pouring!....

At last we are getting some much needed rain...We are nearly at the end of July and still way under our average rain fall for the winter, so here's hoping we can catch up a bit in August, and have some rainy stay at home stitching weather.
I'm not doing very much in the way of CQ at the moment... Just trying to keep up with the RR's that I'm in.
Finishing off a Shabby chic quilt for a DGD who has just got her drivers license, started uni to study forensic science and turning 18 in November...And working on my recipe quilt, which I must add has come to a halt.
My DD is leaving us to live over on the east coast for a year...I shall miss her and 11 yr old DGD terribly.
We have been helping her sort out her house ready to rent out...Which will hopefully cover her rent in her new home.
Well, I know where we will be going for Christmas this year..


  1. How wonderful that you are getting the rain! We continue in the drought once more this year and danger of fire continues, but at least the children did get to have fireworks at 4th of July this year.
    Moving is a hefty chore. I hope things are going well for your DD...

  2. Oh darling Julia
    U will miss your DD and DGD so very much - but theres a thing called a plane and all you have to do is buy a ticket and get on this contraption and 3 hours later you are in their arms again- I am here any time you feel you aare missing them heaps - I will always listen
    love ya bear xoxoxoxoxxo


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