Wednesday, July 26

Embroidery... Doing Your Block..RR ..

Last month, I told you about a RR I'm doing with my Wednesday embroidery group.
There are eight ladies in the group...And the idea is that we each cut out eight squares of fabric.
Transfer what theme we would like onto the fabric squares.
Back them with pellon...And make a little booklet to go with it with a little write up of our likes and dislikes.
Then once a month they get passed on to each lady to pick one of the fabric squares and work her magic on it.
I decided to kick mine off by doing the first block of mine...I have chosen "Crinoline ladies" as my theme...You can see a picture of my unfinished block on my side bar.
I've now got Margaret's blocks for me to choose one and work on.
The first picture here is one that Melanie has embroidered for Margaret...Margaret has requested that we each put our first name on her blocks.
I think Melanie has done a beautiful job of filling the vase with SRE roses and fuchsias.

This block is done by Janet..
Janet has filled a lovely vase full of BDE flowers.

I've picked the block I'm going to work on for off I go to work on it!..

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