Tuesday, July 25

Day 35...Herring bone.

Today's detail is the herring bone..
There are so many of us Crazy Quilters joining Sharon in her quest of 100 stitch details in 100 days.. And it's been wonderful and inspiring to see how simple stitches like the herring bone can be worked in and embellished in so many different ways.
This is part of my Katrina hurricane quilt block that I made as an invitee..You can read all about the quilt and all the ladies that were invited to make a block on Sharon's blog.
I worked in two herringbone seam treatments on this block..You can see a bigger picture here ..
Underneath the beaded mask, I did a double herring bone in two different colored threads, then added thread detached chain stitch buds slanted to one side
Over on the right near the saxophone I also worked in a herring bone, but spread this one out more and added a chevron stitch with detached chain stitch buds finished off with a fly stitch..
I seem to do buds a lot, so I think by now you would know that I love doing buds on everything!

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