Thursday, July 13

Day 23... Wisteria Seam Treatment..

Today Sharon is highlighting a way to work a wisteria like growth over your block.

This is a cluster French knots worked in like a bunch of grapes.
Wisteria is my all time favourite flower / seam treatment to do on blocks..
My first picture is from a RR I am at present taking part of.
The print here was crying out for a wisteria vine.
I worked the vine trailing up out of the pot, over the top and down the other side to frame the print.
I have used a lovely #8 variegated silk thread called "Wisteria" from Hand-dyed Fibres...It is just so lovely and soft to work with.
Nayy and all that..I just love using this thread!.

This second picture is off my Victorian Fan Quilt

Here you can see the wisteria vine much better.
I have used the same silk thread, with 4mm green silk ribbon for the leaves, and two strands of green DMC thread for the stem stitch vine..


  1. So beautiful Julia! Your ribbon work is exquisite! I would love to take a class on SRE from you!

  2. Wisteria is my favorite too. Your work is so beautiful...

  3. I love the wisteria vine. You've shown some great examples and I'm going to try and do the same. (Sorry about the previous comment - I hit the wrong key)

  4. Your work is so beautiful, I am so amazed everytime. thankyou for sharing

  5. I love your wisteria, Julia.

  6. mmm, mmm, mmmm. This is just plain tasty!

  7. Thank you all for the lovely comments...
    Sre is my passion...glad it shows!

  8. Oh Julia, this is gorgeous. You have taught me so much. Thank you.


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