Sunday, July 9

Day 19...Open Cretan Stitch..

Today's detail is the open Cretan stitch...
I love how Sharon has done a very simple Open Cretan stitch simply laced with a fine cord.

I always seem to end up doing ribbon stitch buds, Fargo roses or detached chain stitch buds on my open Cretan stitch seams.
I really need to break out of my comfort zone and try something new...
Hopefully, doing the 100 details in 100 days will inspire me to do just that...

This first photo is from my Crazy on Cream block.
This is a bit hard to see...I have a pearl bead on each Cretan stitch then detached chain st. Around that pearl, ...Added a detached chain st. On an angle on other side of Cretan, finished off with a fly st.

This Cretan stitch seam is on my Victorian Fan cushion..
here I have done a Fargo rose with a fly stitch.
You can see the full cushion here


  1. That is one delicious cushion!

  2. I love the white on white work. The flower motif is so simple and yet so elegant. Thanks for sharing!



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