Friday, July 7

Day 17..For 100 Details in 100 Days..

I have not been very good at keeping up with Sharon's 100 details in 100 days, but here is today's offering..
I don't use buttons a lot on my Cq, not because I don't like them...I just don't seem to get them to look as good as others I've seen.
Sharon does a great job of incorporating buttons on her Cq, where as I think mine look like I just plonked them on there .
Here I just added a small cluster of buttons, with beaded centres and the bottom button has a little beaded tassle..
Looking at Sharon's again, I think a few beads among the buttons would have helped to soften it and looked better..
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  1. Yes, I have been studying Sharon's button clusters too and it does look like she tucks all kinds of beads in there with the buttons. I guess more is the motto here!


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