Wednesday, July 12

Beading Black Lace...

Beaded black lace...
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I'm beading this black lace motif...
I have an idea of what I would like to do with all depends on how it turns out when it's finished.
I'm thinking the gold face may be a bit much, and stand out too much...taking away from the beading??
I have another look at it after the beading is done, and maybe I could tone the gold paint down a bit...
I would love any comments on how I could tone down the gold paint..I have already given it a coat of clear varnish.
It's going to be very heavily beaded all in oil slick beads, with bead fringing at the bottom..


  1. Julia, you can wipe on burnt umber or even black and then wipe off with a cloth (if you can keep from motif). It is going to be beautiful--even if you leave the gold as is.

  2. Thank you Judy...I will try that.


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