Friday, July 14

Beaded Black Necklace ...

Beaded Black Necklace ...
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This is the black lace motif I was beading...
I'm going to a 30th anniversary dinner soon for the W.Australian Quilting Guild that I belong to... and needed something a little different to wear.
Well, for me...this is very different!...I'm usually just a gold chain necklace kinda gal!
Now, I do love it but ,..will I be game to wear it on the night is another thing!
I tried toning down the gold face, but as I had already varnished it, nothing I tried seemed to take, I do like the gold it will stay as is...


  1. Julia, this is gorgeous! Might you share directions with us? How did you finish the back? Oh, I'm just crazy with ideas this morning. So many things I want to try with all the great inspiration I find everyday now!

  2. Julia, this is gorgeous. Like you, I'm not sure I would usually be able to muster up the courage to wear it, but in this case I would make an exception. Your talent amazes me.

  3. Julia, this is really cool! I think you definitely need to wear it and post a picture for us to see!


  4. Julia
    this is so wonderful- okease let go off your gold chains this night and wear this absolutely sumptious piece of jewellery and stun one and all darling- I loves it- I would wear it- how bout bringing this and the poirple pansie block I love so much to the "gathering"- the fact that you may need to search my bags for them before I go home shouldnt put you off - not one bit ggggg
    wonderful Julia wonderful
    xoxoxoxoxoxxo bear xoxoxoxxoxoxoxxo


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