Tuesday, July 4

100 Details in 100 Days...Ribbon and beads

Day 14 of 100 details in 100 days,
Sharon has posted a simple way to use ribbon and beads on a block.
On my Victorian fan quilt, I added this ribbon bow to fill in a space that needed something simple as this..

And I also use ribbon a lot on baskets of flowers like this one...
I like to hold down the ribbon in place with French knots...Tiny beads are also a great way to add sparkle and keep ribbon bows in place.
Twisting the ribbon tails adds to it's appeal..

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  1. Ohhh Julia, another fascination for me ... (Nothing new with your lovely embroidery/creations) I love the way you have embroidered around the silk print, but how do you put the print on, do you do a small tuck hem and sew, or?? I've been using some iron on fixative, but I'm not happy with the results .. thus why I try and incorporate the picture into the actual block, I find it easier... if I hand sew some of my seams are a little bulky, any hints you can give me Julia?


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