Monday, July 24

100 Details in 100 Days... Day 34.

Life has been busy and I've missed a few days..But here are a few details all in this one post.

Two days ago Sharon highlighted the caston stitch, I love how she worked the caston flowers on a alternating barred chain..That's new to me and another new stitch to work on.
My little caston stitch flower can be seen in the centre of this block from my Victorian fan quilt.
A few different feather stitch details I like to do is one here at the top right..Feather stitch with detached chain stitch ribbon buds..And on the gold and Burgundy seam is a feather stitch with tiny gold beads at each tip.
On the seam near the basket is feather stitch with detached chain stitch in thread trailing off with French knots.

This is one of my cream on cream blocks..
Here I have done a feather stitch, then in a lighter coloured #8 crochet cream thread, I added a detached chain stitch with a fly stitch and then added a faux pearl rice bead facing the other way and finished it off with a fly stitch to form a flower..

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  1. Your blocks and your stitching is beautiful.


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