Wednesday, June 7

Wednesday's Embroidery Ladies...

I've not got any stitching to post as I've only just finished covering the last of the two lampshades....And they look very lovely...Even if I do say so myself!
Today, I had my embroidery lady friends over for a sewing day and I thought you might like to see us all together having fun stitching and laughing...Well more laughing than stitching.
That's me, sitting at the far end wearing the pink jumper...The lady in pink standing next to me, is Melanie and she is teaching us to do BDE.
All of them but one, are the ladies I taught to do SRE at our local Spotlight store.
After a whole year with me at Spotlight , we went on to meeting at each others home for these weekly get togethers...I think this is our fourth year together.
I'll show you the Iris in BDE that I did when it's finished...


  1. Lovely photo of you all Julia! Wish I could fit through email to come join in as well. lol

  2. Oh me too, ab.craft! I know there are stitching groups around here, but whenever I have made inquiries, they are either 'full' and don't want any more members, or they meet at times when I am working or otherwise unavailable. Julia, your group looks so cheerful and friendly!


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