Wednesday, June 14

Maxine's RR Block...

I thought I would post up Maxine's RR block to see it here and to see whether I should do a bit more work on it...
Somehow it always looks different here...I can look at it in a different light..So to speak!
Here, it doesn't look like I've done very much on it at all... But I did the Heart on the left, the fern stitch seam nearby and added the beaded lace heart motif.
On a previous post you can see the other work done on it by Rosemary and Maureen.
There's still three more ladies to work on it, so maybe I should leave the rest of the block for them to work their magic and have fun stitching on it.
I just love the colours on this block...


  1. I love the heart. This block will lovely.

  2. Gorgeous Julia, love what you have done and agree, the colours are so nice!! I can't wait to work on it too! Must move and get Rosemary's completed this weekend.


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