Thursday, June 8

Iris Worked in BDE...

Yesterday at my get together with embroidery friends , I learned to embroider this Iris in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery...
It was fun to do and really quite easy.
Like anything..It's easy when you are shown how.
Looking at it here, I think I just need to make the stem a little thicker, then it will look more in proportion...
Now, I want to try and do other flowers...I wonder how daffodils would work in BDE!
There's talk on one of the groups about doing a daffodil block or RR...Hmmmm!


  1. Ohh very nice Julia and yes I think you're right the stem does need to be a little thicker. it will be interesting to see what else you can do flower wise.

  2. That iris is beautiful and I loved seeing your embroidery friends. It makes the world seem so small and friendly. It could be friendly if we were all stitchers and artists who share as we do.

  3. Ooo, I love this! I love that stitch in brazilian (am just learning it myself)but you did a fabulous job of the iris!

  4. That is so pretty...I don't know BDE but I would sure like to learn it if I could make flowers like this!


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