Monday, June 26

Embroidery Doing Your Block..RR #1..

My Wednesday embroidery group are doing a RR called "Doing Your Block"..
There are eight ladies in the group...And the idea is that we each cut out eight squares of fabric.
Transfer what theme we would like onto the fabric squares.
Back them with pellon...And make a little booklet to go with it with a little write up of our likes and dislikes.
Then once a month they get passed on to each lady to pick one of the fabric squares and work her magic on it.
At the end of the round..In this case it will be seven months before mine comes home to me, with all the beautiful work done on the squares...
I decided to kick mine off by doing the first block of mine...I have chosen "Crinoline ladies" as my theme.
I just love the old world charm of the crinoline ladies.
Each square will feature a different crinoline lady.
The one I have started is a favourite of mine...The lady under the arch just seem to go so well together.
The dress has tiny pink crystal beads, and the embroidery of the dress is in a pretty pink shiny rayon thread
There's still more flowers to be planted in the garden...but so far it's looking good..


  1. What a lovely idea and a great theme. I love Crinoline Ladies ... one of my favorites. Look forwards to seeing your finished booklet in 7-8 months Julia!

  2. ohhh forgot to say, how gorgeous this one is!!!

  3. Ah...our beautiful Crinoline of the best aspects of blogging for me has been finding so many other women who love Dolly Varden as much as I do. In my 'real' life, most of my friends and family probably thought I was a bit kinky about them until I started talking about my Internet friends with similar interests!


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